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RSP Group - Advancing Global Oil and Gas Industry

Welcome to RSP Group where we manufacture machining and fabrication parts and assemblies for Oil and Gas Industry clients located in North America.

The Group has become established as a dynamic resource for procurement needs. We offer specialized materials, unrivalled manufacturing facilities, cutting-edge industry expertise, the resources of an established global network with leading supply companies, and a firm commitment to serve the needs of our clients.

Our specialty is manufacturing complicated components in ferrous and non-ferrous alloy materials for prototype and production. We do contract manufacturing and custom manufacturing to suit a wide range of requirements, including all parts and assemblies made from:

  • + Pre-formed stock
  • + Machining
  • + Fabrication
  • + Casting

Our well-established supply chain network controls the entire procurement process in a way that frees our client partners from needing to provide their own in-house experts or manufacturing. We streamline the procurement process for our client partners in a way that eliminates overhead fees associated with networking, travel, maintaining facilities, and employing an expanded production workforce. By doing this, we maximize value and convenience for our client partners without sacrificing quality or efficiency. This unbeatable combination produces the type of bottom line gains that our customers love.

Some of our other highly attractive qualities include:

  • Our strong technical manpower => The years of experience behind our project management give us an edge over other providers in the field.

  • Our emphasis on quality and reliability => Our experts conduct thorough inspections before our product leaves the factory, making dependability a trademark our clients come to trust.

  • Our stunning record of continually meeting even the lowest quantity orders in the shortest possible time => This signature ability has given a significant advantage for clients who are in a time crunch.

At RSP Group, we recognize that our success is defined by our clients’ success. We have made it our mission to give our clients the edge they need to achieve and maintain a position at the forefront of their industries.