Flow Control Products
The plug valves, check valves, union, nipple joints, swivel joints, and integral connections with pressure 7MPa~105MPa, size 1"~4" are designed and machined on the basis of technology of SPM high pressure fluid control products with same performance and quality as FMC and SPM OEM Products.


Plug valves are low-torque valves manufactured on the basis of technologies introduced from SPM of USA. These rugged plug valves range in size from 1" to 3" and come with LP thread or union end, handling cold working pressure from 42MPa to 105MPa. They are interchangeable with similar SPM and FMC products used in cementing and fracturing equipment.

swivel joints


Check valves are machined from high strength alloy steel castings on the basis of the manufacturing technologies introduced from SPM of USA. These valves are used to isolate well servicing equipment from well fluids and high pressure treating fluids. The common models are for standard flow applications, available in 2"~3", and can work under 105MPa pressure.

swivel joints


Swivel joints are metal pipe connectors with integral ball-bearing swivels, which are manufactured on the basis of the technologies introduced from FMC of USA. These rugged fittings com in 1"~3" sizes and can handle cold working pressure from 25MPa~105MPa. Swivel joints for sour gas are also available. End connections are either LP female thread or union to suit any installation.

swivel joints


High pressure pup joints are available in 1"~3" sizes with working pressures ranging from 7MPa to 105MPa and in length of 1.5m, 2m and 2.5m. pressure seal thread type, non-pressure seal thread type or one piece type is available.

swivel joints


Based on the manufacturing technologies introduced from SPM of USA, hammer unions are the most complete line of standard and sour gas pipe connections available, ranging size from 1"~4" with cold working pressures from 7MPa to 105MPa.

swivel joints


High pressure integral connections in a wide range of configurations, like Tees, ells, laterals, crosses, and Ys. Available in 2" and 3" and in cold working pressures of 42MPa, 70MPa and 105MPa.Various configurations are available to suit any installation, such as male-to-male, male-to-female, etc. All integral connections are subjected to strength tests and leak tests in accordance with API 6A specifications for good quality before they reached customers' hands.

swivel joints

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