RSP Group is the market leader in the manufacture, supply and management of bespoke metal products for the oil and gas industry. From the raw material through its processing to forging and machining into finished or semi finished components, our expertise provides a comprehensive and reliable solution from concept to completion. Howco holds an extensive inventory held in a variety of forms:

•   Ingot/Billet
•   Forged and rolled round and flat bar
•   Rolled/ flat bar

This enables us to respond rapidly on a world-wide basis to our customers requirements key products such as:

Semi Finish / Final Machined Products

•   Tubing Hangers
•   Tree Caps
•   Tubing Heads
•   Production / Annulus Blocks
•   Bonnets
•   Valve Internals / Actuator Parts
•   Bored / Honed Bar

Forged Products

•   Forged / Rolled Ring Forgings
•   Forged Blanks
•   Bossed 'Shaped' Forgings
•   Blocks
•   Flat / Square Bar
•   Gate / Ball Valve Stem Material