Stainless Steel Tubes
RSP Group is an experienced austenitic stainless steel tube supplier. We provide various types of products such as duplex stainless steel tube, structure stainless steel pipe, and thin wall stainless steel water pipe.

Containing a high concentration of chromium and nickel, our non-magnetic austenitic stainless steel tube which is usually made of the well-known 300 series iron-chromium-nickel steels, features excellent resistance to corrosion and superior mechanical behavior. Due to its unusually fine cold workability, our product can be greatly hardened by cold processing rather than heat treatment.

TYPE 304

As the most common austenitic stainless steel or grade which contains about 18% chromium and 8% nickel, it is applicable for chemical processing equipment, food and beverage industry, and heat exchanger.

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TYPE 316

Apart from the contents like 16% to 18% chromium and 11% to 14% nickel, Type 316 is also infused with at least 2% molybdenum to prevent pit type attack. Therefore, it is widely applied to chemical processing industry, pulp and paper industry, food and beverage industry, or other corrosive environment.

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TYPE 317

Featuring higher molybdenum content no less than 3% as compared to 316, it is suitable for extremely corrosive environment like stacks containing scrubbers.

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TYPE 317 L

It has the maximum carbon content of 0.030% and maximum silicon content of 0.75% to offer excellent anti-corrosion performance.

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It contains at least 4.00% molybdenum content.

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It comes with molybdenum content no more than 4.00% as well as nitrogen content no more than 0.15%.

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TYPE 321 AND 347

These grades mainly applicable for the aircraft industry feature excellent anti-corrosion property. Type 321 is added with titanium, as well as Type 347 contains the additions like tantalum and columbium.

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1. Straight grade austenitic stainless steel tube has the carbon content up to 0.08%.

2. L grade type contains no more than 0.03% carbon without carbide precipitation, and features excellent resistance to corrosion. However, it is more expensive and imparts great physical strength at elevated temperature. Commonly, it is dual certified such as 304/304L, 316/316L.

3. H grade stainless steel pipe possesses the carbon content ranging from 0.04% to 0.10%. Therefore, it can be used at high temperature. For instance, it is suitable for the application where annealing after welding is out of commission.

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•     304
•     316
•     317
•     317 L
•     317 LM
•     317 LMN
•     321 and 347